Saturday, April 9, 2011

Precise Minds Films: "Eye Shots" by K-Easy

This is one in a series of other videos to come from the Precise Minds Film team. This is a humble attempt to show you what I've seen from our journey from Chicago to NYC. We always have that experience in our mind and it affects our decisions and how we create as well as move about. So peaceto the dream seekers and those who help make it possible, enjoy the show and One Love!


Friday, March 25, 2011

R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Next stop is the eastsiiiiiiiiide motelllllllll....

He put the "G" in G-Funk. The Gentleman in Gangsta with his melodic/treacherous/signature hooks. Too bad most of us wont know how significant he was in the music of (West Coast)Hip Hop now that he's not here in the physical. Here's an test for you! Go through youtube-mtv-amazon, etc looking for the various HITS he was on and tell me if you don't have an "oh I forgot he was on that song!" moment. Yes, he was that influential and that dominant. Regulators will forever be that hit..hell even my parents bump to dat song! and they were tough critics of "gangster rap." He created a lane wider than ATL highways with no tailgaters or speed demons in sight for miles. Respect. Party in Peace homey


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lupe Fiasco x Lasers x #4080 industry rule x suicide?

This is why if possible, we would really like to interview Lupe for our film....very open, frank, intelligent, political, concise, and most importantly....human. Really a good/honest interview about the process of re-creating himself while creating his new project, LASERS: deaths, depression, songs, tours, bullshyt, enlightenment all rolled into who he has overcome. It's a rarity in Hip Hop to express topics such as depression head on, but I think his comments are desperately needed for others young and old(er) to peep, ashay!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

J.Period Q-tip mixtape (heavy rotation)

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Dj Sonny Daze @ Hudson Hotel, NYC w/ Afrika Bambaataa

DJ Sonny Daze moving the crowd @ the Hudson Hotel Giant Steps series in late Dec. 2010. He opened up (the crowd) for Legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa. Overall it was an amazing event and i really mean that as far as the whole vibe of everyone having a good time, enjoying themselves, lettin loose..and actually DANCING! If ya missed don't fret just keep your ears open in the meantime.

P.s. more footage 2 come


Legend Cope 2 still Rockin x Shockin

Kool short video from Karmaloop on one of the NYC Graf Legends COPE 2. If you notice there's snow on the background so no matter the weather, this cat stay gettin fresher..creation Is a process, not a destination...oh and i will be checkin for that show on March 31st...word!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Karl Kani ad from way back..B.H.M.!

Although he may not be on the top list for Black History Month Achievements but it def holds weight in the realm of influence of fashion through the Hip Hop culture. Carl Williams bka Karl Kani was that dude, a trailblazer, who implemented the aesthetics of urban street-wear into the streets-minds-music-magazines of the U.S. in the early 90's. The young fashionistas in the major cities took centerfold of what was not already coined "hiphop fashion" Once i peeped movement, i had to go to 8hrs away to Chicago to get my "Kani" gear that i saw all the dopest rappers wearing. They didn't have it in TN at the time but it was very crucial for me to have that cursive K on my shirt or your jean back pocket if I wanted to be in style and in sync with the culture i repped so hard. His gear became so popular that bootleggers couldn't help but copy, sell, and wear it themselves. Therefore, he switched his design up by using a small metal plate with his signature still present. It just made it even more official and less likely to for bootleggers to follow suit.

So for a quick snippet into the past Check out the link below...respect the architects..Audi 5000